Their Beautiful Game + The Australian Sports Foundation

Great way to start 2017! Their Beautiful Game is now a registered partner with The Australian Sports Foundation! This partnership will allow us to become more effective and increase our support of grassroots Indigenous and Refugee football programs within Australia…with all donations now tax deductible for Australian residents : )

You can donate directly here:

Their Beautiful Game @ The National Indigenous Football Championships

It was a great privilege for us to be a part of the first ever National Indigenous Football Championships, and support Aboriginal Footballers from communities across Australia. Their Beautiful Game donated boots, team strips, goalkeeper gloves and shin pads to Men’s, Women’s, Boys and Girl’s teams, ensuring they had everything they needed to take part in what will hopefully be the first of many tournaments, and an important part of Australian football history!

Their Beautiful Game Training Sessions.

From time to time, Their Beautiful Game arranges access to coaching for the footballers we support, and we were lucky this week to secure the services of elite coach Lee Jones of Joner1on1 Football Coaching. Lee works with a number of A-League and W-League players, and put Isaac, a young refugee from Sierra Leone living in Sydney, through his paces in an hour long session. Drills focussed on foot speed, awareness and finishing that would help Isaac develop in his preferred position of striker. Thanks to Lee for all his advice and guidance!16

Their Beautiful Game At Home.

As well as working in developing countries, Their Beautiful Game also supports football clubs within our own community here in Sydney that require access to the resources they need to play football. We have several projects for recently arrived refugees and Indigenous groups which provide boots, balls, team strips and training equipment.

We were very happy to be invited to attend a training session with The Karen Youth Football Club in Yenora, Western Sydney. The Burmese players who make up the various teams at the club are from the Tham-Hin refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border, where they have spent most of their lives seeking asylum before recently arriving in Australia. Boots and balls donated here in Sydney were passed on to the Karen Youth men’s and women’s teams for them to use.

Their Beautiful Game Clothing.

Their Beautiful Game clothing has arrived! Stylish men’s, women’s and kid’s t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies are available to buy now at our online shop – with the proceeds being directed straight back into funding our football projects.

All our clothing is ethically manufactured and produced across the supply chain.

Want to personalise and wear TBG clothing as training tops for your club, or for your summer 6 a side team? Get in touch here and we will arrange it for you!


In 2014, Their Beautiful Game travelled to Brazil to undertake some work in the favelas of Rio De Janeiro. Once again, we were inspired by the people we met and their stories of the conditions they live and work in whilst trying to provide positive outcomes for the disadvantaged in their communities. We spent time working in the Penha and Julio Otuni favelas with in-country organisations who run football programs for the kids who live there. The majority of children they work with are either victims of child prostitution, or ex drug traffickers or gang members, some under the age of 10.

Thais Corral runs a children’s community centre with the walls of Julio Otuni and told us how she was approached by families in the favela asking her to help their children steer away from crime. Thais lives on a street just outside Julio Otuni, but agreed to buy a few houses that were next to each other inside the favela that could then be transformed into an area for children to meet, read, draw, learn how to use a computer or camera and play sport. To most this would seem a noble thing to do – but for the drug cartel who operated from inside Julio Otuni this represented an unnecessary problem. Thais told us how she was held up at gun point on several occasions and threatened with her life if she didn’t return the buildings to their original purpose as a stash house, and the kids she worked with to their “employers.” However, despite being no more than 5ft tall, Thais is perhaps one of the scariest women we’ve met! She refused to back down or be intimidated by the drug cartel, has the support of the community and the drop in centre is open for the kids of Julio Otuni favela 7 days a week, with teaching staff on hand to provide education across the arts and sport. We were more than happy to donate a range of football equipment and look forward to our return in the future!

Interested in volunteer experiences with Their Beautiful Game?

There are many ways in which you can volunteer with Their Beautiful Game! From running fundraisers to donating equipment, to corporate social responsibility work days to voluntary experiences coaching and playing football across the developing world. We have a wide range of rewarding volunteer experiences on offer that you can be a part of! Help make a difference! Contact us here to find out how.