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Donations: Frequently Asked Questions.

Where does my monetary donation go? How is my money used? How do I know its being used in the right way?

Our focus is to provide as much football equipment as we can to footballers across the developing world. For this to happen, there are a range of operational and logistical costs that need to be met. Your donation pays for the collection, transportation, shipping and distribution of these goods. As we deal primarily with donated equipment, these costs are kept to a minimum – ensuring that your donation is spent where it really matters and helps to make a difference. Without donations it would be impossible for us to get footballs, football boots, team strips and training equipment to those that need them and can put them to good use.

Like all Not for Profits in Australia, we are subject to strict record keeping requirements which must be audited by certified agencies throughout the year and submitted for inspection by the ACNC and Tax Office annually.

We believe that in order to be successful and effective in what we do, accountability and transparency are vital. Our records are available upon request.

Do people who work for Not for Profits get paid? Do people at Their Beautiful Game get paid?

Yes. And some do. Not for Profit simply means that the money raised is used for charitable purposes. None of the money raised goes to benefit our directors or members of the organisation. Not for Profits can make money, but the money must be re-invested in the charitable projects and goals it sets out to achieve when it was established. This is what we do with the money raised.

You can find out more here.

At Their Beautiful Game we have a Board of Directors who are unpaid, operational staff who work full time that take a salary in line with industry standards and a range of volunteers who assist with fundraising. Like any organisation we have basic costs that we must meet in order to function – but we work very hard to ensure that these are kept to a minimum whilst ensuring the quality of service we offer to those we support remains high.

Do you give money to the schools, orphanages and football clubs you work with? Do you work in other areas such as building schools or providing school equipment?

No. All the money raised goes directly towards funding our football projects. Whilst we recognise that more often than not there are social and welfare issues in many of the places we work, there are other organisations who specialise in providing relief in these areas. Our aim is simply to try and provide those who live in poverty with the chance to play football and the enjoyment that derives from it!

Are my personal details protected when donating online?

Yes. In the process of donating we use Stripe, which is online transaction software that is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.